About Us

Machinery Department business is diverse covering operations extend from large-scale plants for the water and environment related plants, port machinery and related components, railways and other public infrastructure projects, to automobiles and related components, marine, industrial and food machinery in this region. We are actively engaged in diverse businesses model in this region. These include environmental projects, other resource development and environmental projects, and new businesses in the fields of innovative technologies, operation and maintenance services. We also actively engaged in ship transportation projects. We constantly strive to provide value-added services. From project development to post-construction plant operation and maintenance, the department stands ready to fulfill customer needs by diverse business formats, covering imports, exports, trade within Singapore, and trilateral trade.

Products & Services

We deal in transactions involving newbuilding/2nd hand sales & purchase, and chartering, as well as owning our own fleets. We are also active in LNG carrier and gas & oil related offshore plant project.

Construction Machinery
By partnering with local dealerships, we are exporting several brands of Construction Machinery in this region. Our exporting business contributes to the development of infrastructure, building construction and mining sector on emerging countries.

Plant Projects
We have been exploring our business field in water and environmental related projects in this region recent years. Our expertise, including finance structuring capacity, investment, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services and coordinating functions among stakeholders, contributes to the successful realization of projects and transportation infrastructure such as airport, railways and ports.